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Wind Chill Media Group began in 1994 as an independent production company based in Chicago. It has since grown into a
multi-faceted media entertainment group.  Jim Kreutzer, Founder and CEO, expanded Wind Chill’s growth from feature films
into documentaries, television and music. 

With the development, production and distribution of nearly 20 feature films, several music anthologies and documentaries covering a broad array of entertainment genres, Wind Chill remains one of the most diverse and consistent media groups
in the Midwest.   

Maryilene Blondell, Co-CEO, recently joined to further expand Wind Chill’s capacity to develop and produce multiple national
and international global media intiatives.   

Wind Chill maintains separate development, production, distribution and business affairs operations in order to strengthen
​project performance, sales and marketing effectiveness. 

Recently, Wind Chill's ability to produce award winning films culminated in the 2016 BAFTA award winning film Tommy's Honour, starring Jack Lowden, Peter Mullan, Ophelia Lovibond and Sam Neill.

On the heels of that success, Wind Chill is involved with and in development on several new feature films and two new television series with one currently in development and the other in post-production. 

Wind Chill Media Group’s domestic and international staff remains committed to their mission of creating, developing and delivering global entertainment projects that not only entertain but deliver impactful social messages.